The A14 Piper!



Have you ever been stuck in traffic on the A14 (ofcourse we all have...) AND spotted what appears to be a bagpiper playing in a nearby field?  Well you weren't seeing things!  That piper was most likely our very own Paul.


Between being the band's chairman and teaching a number of our beginners, Paul can sometimes be spotted practising near the road taking advantage of the open space and opportunity to make as much noise as possible without fear of complaint!!


Stories of the "Mysterious A14 Piper" have regularly appeared online and a few years ago even featured on Radio 2's the Steve Wright Show following some calls in from passing truckers. If you click the link above you will see a the piece about Paul and a short interview when he made it onto the BBC News.


If you do see him, feel free to give a supportive passing toot!