The Band

The band formed in 2009 in North Cambridgeshire and in the years since has grown in numbers to the Band you see today.


Like all pipe bands the band is composed of a number of bagpipers under the musical direction of the Pipe Major;  and drummers playing snare, tenor and bass drums led by the Drum Sergeant.  On occasion you will also see the band led at the front by the Drum Major.  The band uniform is argyle jackets and waistcoats with kilts of the Weathered Logan Tartan.

We are currently led by Pipe Major Callum Campbell, Pipe Sergeant Paul Turner and Drum Sergeant Iain Soutter.


The band operates on a not for profit basis with all proceeds gained from our performances being reinvested in the band instruments, uniform and practice facilities.


You can see the band at events all year round (see the engagements page) from village fetes, to Remembrance Sunday and even playing for Santa!  In 2015 we did our first overseas performances in Germany, and in years since have made several trips around Europe and indeed further afield.   In 2018 our bass drum was the lead bass for the massed bands of the Moscow Tattoo on Red Square.

We practise as a full band each Sunday at 4pm, usually at 
Wyton on the Hill Primary School near Huntingdon.  Currently the band has a Tuesday pads/chanters practise each Tuesday at 7pm also at the school.


Everyone is welcome to come along to any practise even if just to find out more about the band, though please contact the band via the contacts page before coming along as we occasionally change these times/venues.


The band provides free tuition to anyone who is keen to learn so why not have a go!